Tamami Networks  LLC
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About Tamami Networks

Tamami Networks is a multi-disciplinary business advisory and investment mobilization firm that provides strategic consulting to businesses facing unique challenges, and individuals or organizations desirous of starting a new enterprise.

Professionals in Public and Corporate Relations, Disruptive Technology and Media; Tamami Networks has an extensive consulting portfolio in Oman, MENA and in the fast emerging markets of East Africa - with both private and government institutions - on different projects, businesses, technologies, social development programs, and integrated media and branding communication initiatives.

The consultants’ diverse experience coupled with our passion to learn from our clients and partners, has enabled us to leverage and think outside the box, when ideas are needed in an ever evolving business landscape.


Holistic & Multi-disciplinary

Devising holistic strategies that look not only at how to better engage with consumers, suppliers and audiences, but also at the internal organizational processes, whilst taking into consideration the competition and external industry factors and trends.


A dissection of the client’s and partner’s goals and challenges are carefully analyzed, to examine existing un-leveraged strengths and hidden opportunities, whilst making note of weaknesses and looming threats. We then provide a road-map for action defined with realistic, pragmatic steps for immediate implementation.

Unique Understanding

An accumulated knowledge of The Sultanate of Oman, MENA, and East Africa is important in enabling the firm to deliver strategic multi-disciplinary consulting in new, promising and often difficult markets.